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FRESH | Meet the Bakers | Oliver
Meet the Bakers behind the delicious pastries available daily at Fresh Coffee & Pastries in historical downtown Bardstown, Kentucky.
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Meet the Bakers at Fresh | Oliver


Meet the Bakers at Fresh | Oliver

Meet The Bakers at Fresh – Oliver


Here at Fresh, it’s all about teamwork and all of us working toward one common goal;
our customer’s satisfaction. From the cashier to the front of the house, to the bakers, we all
make up this team that has started to feel more like family. Today, we would like to introduce you
to one of our bakers, Oliver.


Oliver’s love of baking started well before he joined Fresh. As a young child, he was
always interested in science, and around age 13 when he realized that baking was a scientific
art, his love for it only grew. This love for baking expanded again in 2020 when Covid first hit.
His parents, both teachers, were home and they wanted to create an income for Oliver. And with
that, their home-based baking business – Oliver’s Confections – was born.


Oliver loves to paint and be creative but his schedule doesn’t allow for much of that, so
he bakes and decorates as a way to express himself. “I had no idea that we would receive so
much support and everyone ended up wanting cookies,” he said when discussing his favorite
thing about baking. With customers from California to Tennessee, New York, to Georgia, Oliver
and his parents have had to learn the logistics of it all, quickly. Although they haven’t shipped
internationally yet, they do have a lot of local support and hope to be able to ship internationally


When he found the job opening at Fresh, he was excited to apply because it aligned with
his goals, his schedule, and his love for creativity and baking. “I just inserted myself into the role
of making up new flavors and coming up with new drinks. I think I like that the most. I like to put
my own flair into my work and they allow me to do that.” Oliver’s personal favorite drink from
Fresh is The Bee’s Knees with almond milk, but you won’t be disappointed with any of their
drinks! He also suggests The Rueben on a pretzel bun or The Roast Beef on flatbread. “And
always get the potato salad!”


Fresh is honored to have Oliver and the entire team running the day-to-day operations,
coming up with yummy new creations, and welcoming our customers into the Fresh family. If
you’re in the area, don’t forget to stop in and see what’s on the menu. Who knows, you may
even get to see Oliver! We are located at 114 N 3rd St, Bardstown, Kentucky. We can’t wait to
welcome you into the Fresh family!


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