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We can not tell you how much we appreciate the support of our customers during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.  It has been such a beautiful and rewarding opportunity to serve so many of you during this crazy time.  When the event unfolded, we were unsure of what we should do because we wanted to do what was best for our team and our community.  We decided to stick it out, do a little tweaking of our operation and adjust our hours to best accommodate the majority of our customer needs.  While the lifeblood of our industry is the networking and camaraderie that goes on when you can come in, work, study, or just enjoy each others company, we have loved being able to serve you in this New Normal!  Whether you choose to come in and pickup your drink or food or we bring it out to you curbside, it is our pleasure to see you!  


Because of your overwhelming response to our curbside delivery we expect to keep that option open even after we are able to open back up to in-house dining. There are two ways to order: CALL 502-331-6345 or TEXT 502-468-5294.


We are also looking at expanding our hours to be open to 8pm at least one night a week and Sundays are on the horizon as well!  Stay tuned for more info as we all get back to business as usual.


Again, our sincere THANK YOU for sticking with us, we appreciate you so much!

Our Daily Menu

Welcome to Fresh


We serve house made pastries, sweet treats and lunch daily, along with delicious smoothies and of course our incredible Good Folks Coffee. Our menu changes daily/weekly and is posted on Facebook and here on our website. We are happy to e-mail you our menu for the week each Monday when you provide us with your address. We promise not to bombard you with unwanted messages-just the good stuff once a week! Be sure to follow us Facebook to stay in the loop!


Too busy to leave the office?
Give us a call and we’ll have your lunch ready for pickup!
(502) 331-6345


We are open Monday through Saturday. Our mission is to bring you a daily menu selection of clean, locally sourced food while remaining committed to our goal of a low to zero waste kitchen. Changing our menu daily allows us to provide a wide array of options that are seasonally appropriate as well as portion controlled to eliminate waste.


Monday – Friday:  7:30am – 2pm
Saturday:  8:00am – 2pm 
Sunday:  Closed


What is a low-zero waste kitchen and why are we so passionate about it?

An estimated 70 billion pounds of food is wasted every year. This is not only heartbreaking when you think in terms of the number of malnourished and under fed Americans there are, but devastating to our carbon footprint with overflowing landfills and oceans full of discarded plastics. Most food waste initiatives address the food waste problem after it has happened, but there are few initiatives that prevent food waste from happening in the first place. We plan our daily menus with the end in mind, buying what we know will sell and striving to maintain a sustainable kitchen pantry. We believe that by keeping our menu fluid, we have less risk of overstocking items that go unused and therefore contribute to an ugly cycle of repeat buying, preparing and disposing. We hope doing our small part in the bigger picture of no waste and sustainability will lead to a greener world for everyone!


Why then, do we serve in disposable containers?

When we began to put together our plan for Fresh we knew it would be primarily a ‘carry out’ venue, even if our guests were dining or drinking in. We spent hours (and hours!) researching our coffee cups, lunch boxes and plastic containers, to ensure that we were using the most ecologically friendly products we possibly could. In addition, we are faithful plastic, paper and glass recyclers of all approved containers.


Even our used coffee grounds go to good use at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest! Fresh Friend, Cole Alexander, Bernheim Edible Garden Steward, utilizes our Good Folks grounds in his composting process at the forest to promote the beautiful and healthy plants and trees we all enjoy so much! We love that a little part of what we do is being put to such good use.

Good Folks Coffee is a local coffee roaster based in Louisville, Kentucky. Their roastery ships coffee to cafes, grocery stores, offices, restaurants and homes throughout the United States, including FRESH! Like Good Folks, we value relationships with people and put a great deal of care into selecting our coffees. We work hard to discover new coffees, develop relationships, and deliver the coffee you deserve. Coffee should be enjoyable and approachable. With that in mind, we aim to provide consistency and flavor to your daily routine with an emphasis on quality.

Proudly Serving Good Folks Coffee

For more information call (502) 331-6345


Proudly Serving Good Folks Coffee